Japan, Fukushima & Our Radioactive Future – Majia Nadesan Interviewed

Nadesan’s two recent books on Fukushima

Militarism and Mutagens
Prof. Majia Nadesan is the author and co-author, respectively, of two books on Fukushima: ‘Fukushima and the Privatization of Risk,’ and ‘Fukushima: Dispossession or Denuclearization?‘ She blogs regularly at Majia’s Blog
[ For this editor’s review of her recent book see our previous post: The Fukushima Syndrome ]

In the following two clips she talks about two key Fukushima-related issues. We interviewed her in her home in Phoenix, Arizona.

Japan’s Nuclear Deterrant – Majia Nadesan
Prof. Majia Nadesan talks about the close connection between nuclear energy and nuclear weapons, Japan’s vast plutonium stockpile, and the militaristic agenda of the country’s current administration.

Fukushima’s Genetic Legacy – Majia Nadesan
Prof. Majia Nadesan talks about the long-term impact on the planetary gene pool of the on-going radioactive emissions from the continuing Fukushima nuclear disaster.

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4 Responses to Japan, Fukushima & Our Radioactive Future – Majia Nadesan Interviewed

  1. Brilliant interview with one of our most important scholar/critics of the totally insane nuclear industry.

  2. tim milhomme says:

    The beautiful earth is going to mirror Mars . Fukushima event is the only issue every one should be addressing .

  3. Adam Three says:

    View of solutions…for this 3-11 anni-adversity… http://rexresearch.com/fukushimamour/fukushima.htm

  4. Mevashir says:

    The whole reason for nuclear power plants is to provide feeder stock for nuclear weapons. Generation of electricity is a by product and of no importance whatsoever.

    This is true in the USA and all other nuclear powers. Japan is just playing along as they always do, running to keep up with Western technology.

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