Raising Fukushima Consciousness – The San Francisco ‘Beach Mural’

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Ocean Beach Mural, San Francisco, CA 10-19-2013 Photo: FukushimaResponse.org

Wherever You Are…There It Is
In an event mirrored in other places around the world, 500 people gathered Saturday, October 19, 2013 on San Francisco’s Ocean Beach in an event organized by Jina Brooks, Brad Newsham, John Bertucci and other members of FukushimaResponse.org.

Laying their bodies on the lines staked out by the organizers, participants spelled out the words ‘Fukushima Is Here’ for the purpose of helping to widen global public awareness about the on-going radioactive contamination of the planet emanating from the still out-of-control nuclear disaster in Japan.

The event was intended to counter the cover-up of this permanent planetary catastrophe being attempted by the plant’s operator Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO), the Japanese and U.S. governments, the global nuclear industry and a collusive international ‘mainstream’ media.

Pssst…spread the word.

For more information: facebook.com/FukushimaResponseCampaign

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