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Staring the Situation Squarely in the Face

W.C. Fields’ sage advice to “seize the bull by the tail and stare the situation squarely in the face” was being followed in Berkeley, CA Oct. 7-8, as a virtual ‘who’s who’ of voting rights advocates gathered from around the country at the 2nd Annual National Election Integrity Conference.  It was sponsored by the non-partisan National Voting Rights Task Force & California Election Integrity Coalition.  They looked at the many ways the US electoral system is dysfunctional and what is needed to fix it.

What follows are four brief excerpts of speakers from among a stellar line-up of presenters.

Full Conference video on-line at:   National Voting Rights Task Force nvrtf.org   FaceBook: Voting Rights Task Force (Calif)
Laws of Statistics Suspended? Only in US Elections – Bob Fitrakis

Investigative journalist, political science professor, experienced international election observer, and voting rights attorney Dr. Bob Fitrakis explains how un-adjusted exit polling, the ‘gold standard’ that the US State Department applies to endorse as ‘free and fair’ – or disqualify as fraudulent – elections in other countries, is not used to evaluate election outcomes in the US.
“How is it,” he asks, “that the universal laws of statistics are mysteriously suspended on American soil?”
For more: FreePress.org

What Exit Polls Show About US Elections – Peter Peckarsky

Voting rights attorney Peter Pecharsky explains how un-adjusted exit poll data shows that the outcomes of recent US elections fall far outside the bounds of statistical probability – such as being likely to occur only once every 72,000 years. Any questions?
For more info:   Peter4dnc.com
Describing  US Electoral Reality  As We See It – Jonathan Simon

Election integrity campaigner Jonathan Simon, author of CODE RED: Computerized Election Theft and The New American Century makes a passionate plea for Americans to face and deal with the many ways in which our electoral system is broken.
For more info: CodeRed2014.com
Why Gov.  Brown Must  VETO AB 840 – Ray Lutz
Ray Lutz, founder of CitizensOversight.org, explains why California election integrity advocates are campaigning to have Gov. Brown veto AB 840, a stealth legislative move to further weaken California’s voting system and disenfranchise millions of voters.
For more info: CitizensOversight.org
See also:
Harvey Wasserman’s cogent summary of how we got into the mess…
“The Russians may or may not have hacked our electronic voting machines. But it’s abundantly clear, 17 years after Florida 2000, that those machines can be hacked with ridiculous ease, and that the likeliest culprits will always be local officials whose access is universal, quick and predictable.”  read more…
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