Freedom Rally at the Golden Gate

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By Mary Beth Brangan & James Heddle – EON           [Also posted on Substack]

The Health Freedom Rally held at San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge Plaza on November 11, 2021 – sponsored by the Children’s Health Defense California Chapter – brought together informed and passionate speakers from across the political, ethnic and racial spectrum united in their opposition to Covid lockdown and injection mandates. 

Crowd estimates ran between 300 and as high as 3 thousand at the peak. (We didn’t get video of the peak crowd.) Authorities’ efforts to block attendance resulted in a late afternoon traffic jam snarling the region, one fender bender, and a few minor injuries, which some initial news reports attempted unsuccessfully to blame on the peaceful non-violent protesters. 

The EON Team was there. Here are our reports in video and text.

Speaker Highlights

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Also on YouTube

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Speaker Highlights in Order of Appearance

Maureen Block – Board Member – Children’s Health Defense CA

We’ve been fighting this at courts, we’ve been activating volunteers, we’ve been talking to legislatures, we’re helping families, we’re helping kids who are actually been injured by the COVID vaccine. [00:02:30] We have a few plaintiffs now who cannot walk. Some parents who have lost their children. So if it’s not completely safe and effective, then there has to be an option, there has to be an option to say, “My body, my choice,” and we fight for that. We fight for parents to be in control of their children, of their children’s health.

It’s not a very friendly situation because you have to remember judges are political animals, they get elected too, and they get their pockets lined. It hasn’t been that easy, but we’re beginning to see, with the massive amount of cases being filed across the country, that we are making leeway now because as people are waking up to the fraud, to the lack of science, the judges will start to move with the tide of the public opinion.

Leigh Dundas, ESQ –Americas Frontline Doctors Legal Team

Today we face a bigger threat, I believe, than the Jews did in the late 1930s in Eastern Europe. I believe we face a bigger threat than the Falun Gong did over the last two decades. … because this threat is not just coming for one group. It is coming for all groups. It is coming for our very humanity and all of humankind.

That is that pharma and big tech and bad politicians are taking away our right to refuse. And our right to refuse is the essence of liberty, is the essence of freedom, as well as our right is say yes to something we do want. If I cannot say no to you putting something in my body, whether that is a part of your body or a damn needle in my arm, there is only one word for that, and that word is rape. I will say it again. That word is rape.

Alix Mayer – Board President – Children’s Health Defense CA

Children’s Health Defense, we are for fully informed choice. But with COVID shots, you’re not being fully informed, and you’re not being given a choice. Biden’s mandates are illegal. Mass violation of the law does not make something legal.

This is not about the science. This is a political ploy. You know what they’re going to do when these shots are fully approved for children, which they’re not right now, but when the FDA and CDC fully approves them? They’re going to use our children as political pawns to get liability shield from vaccine manufacturers so that vaccines, COVID shots, can be injected into anyone. And if you are injured or disabled or die, the manufacturer is not liable. That’s whey they’re going after our children, because if children need shots, they can go on a children’s schedule, and they get full liability protection. Our CDC is selling out our children.

Janet Boyle – Anti-Castro Cuban Émigré

We need to stand up. You need to be willing to lose your job for now. As someone said the other day, you need to be willing to be comfortable with being uncomfortable for just a little while. Just a little while. Sacrifice now for your kids. Okay? Later on it’s going to reap rewards. You will get your freedom back. But if your freedom is taken away forever, there’s no going back, folks. There’s no other place to go to. This is the last stand. You must stand up.

Denise Aguilar – Co-Founder –

There’s a reason why they took us off social media. There’s a reason why they censor us, because we are going to rise up, and they are going to feel our wrath coming after our children. We’re no longer going to be silent. We’re no longer going to ask for permission. We are going to stand in our knowing and behave like Americans and take our country back.

We participate in nonviolent civil disobedience, and we create another world. With all the mandates that happened, we are creating something else. And that is outside of the system. We don’t need any permission from any politician. We don’t need to send our children to public school. We can educate them at home. We can help them grow as people because right now, what they’re learning in public school is nothing. What they’re learning in public school is how to be victims

Tara Thornton – Co-Founder –

They call us anti. Well, you know what? I’m anti anything that’s enslaves another human being. I’m anti anything that hurts our children. I’m anti anything that violates human and civil rights. And we all should be. That is the great segregation that’s upon us. It’s not race. It’s not gender. It’s not class. It’s not religion. It’s are you going to protect another’s right to own their body?

We were arrested in 2019. We were arrested in 2020, as the face of the COVID resistance before, back in May of 2020. And I want to tell you, I consider that a badge of honor. And if we’re still standing here, then you can be too. And I want to recognize every person that has stood outside their comfort zone in any way, and has faced a teacher, an employer, a person at a store that vilified you, that harassed you, that has told you “you are unclean, that you couldn’t be there anymore.” Your efforts matter. Every stand that you took, you are doing it not only for yourself or for your children, but for every other person.

Reinette Senum – California Gubernatorial Candidate

I’m running for Governor June of 2022. And when we made that decision a year ago, the first thing we did was not work on the website. We started to create a beautiful blueprint for California, a blueprint that you can hold my feet to the fire over my term, this blueprint for Californians calling contract with Californians. And it’s gorgeous. It is all based upon the seventh generation principle. Every decision you make today should serve seven generations from now. Now just imagine for one moment, one moment.

Imagine if our leaders were making decisions through that lens, imagine the world we would be living in. So we created this beautiful blueprint for California, but also I realized at that time that if I were to run and represent the people, and I mean really represent the people, I could not represent a party. So I’m not a Democrat. I’m not running as a Republican. I’m running as a Californian.

Neil Mammen – Every Black Life Matters

My friends, we are no longer accepting things that we cannot change. It is now time to change the things we cannot accept. We can change our city. We can change our county. We can change our state. We can change our nation. In fact we can change the world.

In the entire history of civilization, when just 3.5% of a nation’s population were involved in a peaceful revolution, they have always every single time been 100% successful. When men and women gather in the streets, when children gather, when mothers gather, when the factory workers gather, when the students gather, then there’s very little a dictator can do. Because Liberty has been written on their hearts. Liberty has been written on their minds. Liberty has written on their souls, just like it has on yours.

My friends, tyranny has never been the problem. Blind sheep who blindly obey the tyrants have always been the problem. So we cannot give up. We will not give in. We will not stand down. We will win if we don’t give up. Now, let’s take back our nation.

Hawk Newsome – Founder, Black Lives Matter – N.Y.

I represent BLM to my core. I stand here for the millions of black voices that have been silenced by the government. The millions of black people who do not believe in these vaccines. A lot of people would say, why? Because they experimented on us in slavery. The government experimented on us up until 1981. The government continues to trample on our rights. So I am here in the name of freedom.

We don’t care about the problem until it hits us. How does it feel? How does it feel to have the government tell you where you can go? What you can do? To be threatened by the police if you’re somewhere where you not supposed to be. Now you know, a little bit what it feels like to be fucking black. Right? Right? How does it feel for a mainstream media to call you crazy? How does it feel for people to not understand what you complaining about? Think about that shit the next time you hear Black Lives Matter. Think about that shit the next time you hear people tell you your pain isn’t real. Think about that next time you stand in this Country and demand freedom. I’m not here for unity. I’m here for effectiveness. I’ve seen enough fake unity with the democratic party.

I’m giving up on the government. I don’t care who’s in power. We’re all oppressed. The problem is, they keep us divided. Republicans say they’re anti-abortion. But now they call for bodily autonomy when it’s time to get a vaccine. Democrats say they’re pro-choice, but you have no choice in the vaccine.

Ann Vandesteel – Natural Law Advocate

My favorite four letter word. My favorite four letter word that begins with an F is free. And we are not free people right now. If you don’t know this, I’m going to give you a quick history lesson. I am an American state national. I am no longer a federal citizen of the corporate United States. I submitted my own resignation, and I’m here to tell you if you guys don’t get with the program and start to look at the history of how they have taken over your sovereignty, you are going to continue to be subjected and we’re going to continue to fight like this because we don’t have grounds from which we can fight. We’re in the wrong jurisdiction.

We need to get out of the Admiralty law, the court, they corrupt bar system. Get out of the courts and stand on the land, the law of the land under God’s law, because God says, all people are free. You look at our founding fathers documentation, the documents that we live and die by, the documents that we’ve died and fought over for years. Our constitution, our declaration of independence. As you heard earlier, our rights come from God, not the government.

Carina Powers –

There has been huge disconnect with informed consent to Latino communities. So we have been providing that information. And boy, they’re starting to wake up. Our people have been indoctrinated for years. This has been happening for decades. This did not happen just today. What we’re living today has been in the rep for decades and we have been asleep and it’s our job to get out in our communities to wake the people up. And it starts in your own home.

We’re about to have a huge dinner with our families. And about time we have that discussion and we let them know how we feel about our bodies being mutilated by pharmaceutical companies who are making a profit of our illnesses. This fight was a mothers fight. A lot of us here were mother fighting in Sacramento and we implore to many of you, what they were doing to our children. My daughter has been segregated from going to public school. So now they have come to you and they’re trying to segregate you from your job, from your daily living from your daily shopping. So it’s time. This is the time you rise up. Thank you everybody, lets hear it for medical freedom.

Jason Sisneros – Childrens’ Rights Advocate

So let me talk a little bit about who is enslaved right now. It’s children. There’s 10 million children being trafficked in the sex trade right now. Right now, there’s 60 million people being trafficked for labor to make the tennis shoes. Right? You want to talk about oppression. Oppression is happening all over this world in a huge way. And what we’re all coming together around is this vaccine mandate

Men, women, black, white, Hispanic, gay, straight across the world. Children are waiting for you to stand up. They are being raped as we speak. They need us to stand up. Freedom means something.

Please welcome our Native American brothers and sisters.

Chris Brooks – Lakota Sioux Spokesman

Today, we come from South Dakota, and then they ask us to come and pray and talk about this thing. Some of you might not understand, but as Lakota we come from South Dakota, the Crazy Horse Band. We all know who that is. But today is nothing new for us. Our whole life we’ve been fighting the government. We still fight today, in many ways. But we ask all of you, if you’re going to defy the government, do it as a unit. Do it as one, not in separation. No matter who we are, your one common goal is the same. All of you. And no matter what you think, it’s going to be the same in the end. No matter how you put it, because there’s only one God. No matter how we pray, there’s only one God.

Today we ask all of you in a good way. We’ve come a long ways to speak and to pray with you and to tell you what you’re doing here is a good thing. The government shouldn’t control everything. It’s wrong. My people know it from the day they’re born to today. So all of you here today, for us it’s a lifelong battle. For you here, understand where it’s coming from. I’m happy to see all of you come no matter where you come from, and how you’re going to defy the government in your way. But I also ask that we do it peacefully where nobody gets hurt, because there’s a lot of that going around in the last two years. There’s a lot of things that’s been going on. We have to put that aside. One common goal. The people own this land. So remember that. You are a part of what they call Turtle Island, that’s America. America’s a melting pot of all different people. No matter how you’d say it, it’s the truth of what it is today.


Mary Beth Brangan and James Heddle co-direct EON, the Ecological Options Network. The EON feature documentary The San Onofre Syndrome will be released next year.