What’s left of The Left?

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Guest blog by Food Not Bombs Co-Founder Keith McHenry

 Editors’ Note:

We want to share with you a letter to sister and brother progressives from our longtime friend Keith McHenry.  As a co-founder of the now international NGO, Food Not Bombs, Keith may hold the record for the number times he as been brutalized by police for the subversive crime of feeding the hungry homeless.
He raises a question that has been puzzling us too: Why do so many progressives now believe the official narrative on Covid when it’s coming from the same sources that brought us WMDs in Iraq and reports of imminent victory in Afghanistan?
It is a question we will examine in depth in our forthcoming 3-part series of articles: DECODING COVID – Mapping the Largest Mass PsyOp in the History of the World…and How We Can Recover from it.  Please stay tuned.

Looking at COVID as a Progressive


I can understand wanting to get the COVID injections and I support your right to do so. The fear of death from COVID is compelling. The images and reports frightening. I would never interfere with someone’s desire to participate in these vaccine trials. I can understand how much more terrifying the world looks to those who quarantined at home for weeks relying on social media, NPR, CNN and the New York Times for information unaware of the reality on the streets. Had I been inside quarantined I may have also internalized that fear and found a logic in the ever changing information about COVID, the vaccines and the boosters.

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