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Solartopia or Fukushima, USA – California’s Choice

The ‘Bellwether Sunshine State’ At the Crossroads With one of its last two remaining nuclear plants now shutdown, and one more under growing public and legal pressure to follow soon, California now has the opportunity to once again take the … Continue reading

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Can CA Set the Standard for Nuclear Waste Storage?

One Woman Thinks So When Donna Gilmore retired from the stresses of managing critical IT systems in California state government, she chose an upscale seaside town with a year-round perfect climate and bought a home with a perfect view of … Continue reading

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Busted! – A $5 Billion Scam at San Onofre Nuclear Plant

Stick It to the Ratepayers? ‘Not so fast,’ says San Diego attorney team A once – and (hopefully) future – leader in planetarian energy policy, California is, at the moment, an epicenter of energy policy conflicts, confusion and corruption. It’s … Continue reading

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