The Eugenicide Protocols…and Their Antidotes

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The Eugenicide Protocols…and Their Antidote  

Hello… WHO’s Culling…?

A Crib Sheet on the Attempted Covid Coup and How We Can Stop It (Including the Screw You WHO Counter Protocols)

by James Heddle, EON

The World Health Organization (WHO) – directed by its largest funder, Bill Gates – is now pushing for adoption of an internationally binding treaty that would grant WHO sole authority to declare a pandemic, eliminate national sovereignty and personal rights and allow WHO’s unelected technocrats to dictate global medical martial law measures without public recourse. 

This treaty would supersede our national Constitution along with those of other UN member states, and enable the WHO to force any medical intervention they decree on global populations. Any country that disobeys would be subject to severe penalties. This will be voted on within weeks.

How would this be possible? How did we get to this point?

The magnitude of the many crimes against humanity involved can only be redressed by a collective public response of even greater magnitude.


  • There’s been an emergence and consolidation over the past century of an ultra wealthy transnational capitalist class (TCC). Its network of public-private partnership institutions proclaim their purpose is the creation of benefits for all humankind and the planet.
  • However, the failing global capitalist economic system is about to self-destruct from un-reformable corruption, unrepayable debt and rising inflation. The resulting desperation of the TCC to somehow preserve the dominance it now enjoys in the failing system is leading them to create an entirely new system which the TCC will still control.
  • There’s now growing popularity on the part of members of the TCC of the twin concepts of Technocracy and Transhumanism – universal rule by experts who will “scientifically” manage the planet’s resources, and work to “improve” the human species by means of artificial intelligence and genetic engineering, fusing biology with digital technology to enable total control of mind, body and emotions.  This will result in enslavement of the population and a new feudalism.
  • Over the past 20 years there have been series of CIA and major foundation (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, The Rockefeller Foundation, etc.) sponsored ‘simulations’ of pandemic events like: Dark Winter – 2001; Lockstep – 2010; Clade – 2018; and Event 201- 2019. These all have led to the development and refinement of strategies for universal imposition of authoritarian, technocratic transnational governance based on medical martial law. 
  • This plan is to be presided over by the World Health Organization (WHO), the major funder of which is self-appointed Global Public Health Czar and hereditary eugenicist Bill Gates. Gates has multiple conflicting interest investments in Big Pharma, artificial food and agriculture, and the new nuclear reactor sectors, among others. 

The Elements of the Eugenicide Implementation Protocols

  • A Bio-Weaponized, artificially-created virus-like substance released by accident or design from an internationally funded gain-of-function research lab in Wohan
  • Mass deployment – in Wuhan and elsewhere – of 5G 6o GHz radiation emitters capable of duplicating Covid-like symptoms and of stripping oxygen from the air
  • Fraudulent widespread use of a PCR Test – declared by its Nobel Laureate inventor Dr. Kerry Mullis to be useless for diagnosis – that falsely multiplied alleged ‘cases’ globally, setting the stage and providing a pretext for…
  • Redefinition of pandemic as a disease outbreak that qualifies as ‘a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC).’
  • Redefinition of ‘vaccine’ from prevention to mitigation of symptoms
  • WHO’s fraudulent declaration of a pandemic, justifying
  1. Lockdown mandates duplicated in countries around the world
  2. Warp Speed ‘vaccine’ development supervised by the DOD and DARPA
  3. Emergency Use Authorization and indemnification of producers
  • Suppression of proven early treatment protocols with repurposed drugs

The Hospital Homicide Components

  • Instituting official policy that financially incentivizes hospitals with massive government reimbursements and subsidies for reported Covid cases, ventilations and mortalities;
  • Plus Tony Fauci’s recommendation for the only officially approved treatment in hospitals of Remdesiver, a toxic drug (in which he has a financial interest) proven to cause Covid-like symptoms and that attacks organ systems has led to: 
  • Sickened patients going to ICU’s where they are  
  • put on ventilators (emitting 60 GHz, oxygen-stripping radiation),  
  • sedated with lethal Medezapam 
  • resulting in 9 of 10 patients dying.  

Medical Martial Law Components

  • Mandating of small and medium business, job and economy-destroying lockdowns – a controlled demolition of the global economy.  
  • Illegal mandates for wearing masks – virtue signals of slavish compliance – which are not only not protective, but are shown in meta studies to be seriously damaging physiologically, psychologically and socially. They destroy morale, solidarity and mutual trust, engender mutual suspicion and distrust while impairing cognitive function and lowering IQ’s. 
  • Illegal mandates for mass deployment of compulsory experimental, un-tested, genetically modifying inoculations and booster series now shown to:
  • Progressively damage immune system function, and
  • Cause a wide-range of long- and short-term adverse cardiac and neurological effects, debility and sudden death,
  • And, with world-wide all-cause mortality rates soaring to unprecedented levels…
  • These shots have been shown to not only contain synthetic mRNA fragments wrapped in lipid nano gel that sneaks them through cell membranes where they trigger the cells to create infective spike proteins.
  • They also contain various combinations of other nanoparticles, including graphene hydroxide, capable of passing through the blood-brain barrier. Also found by researchers in some batches are nano particles just one-atom-thick that self-assemble themselves into lattices that array themselves along neural and circulatory networks, and transmit and respond to electro-magnetic frequencies, thus making them programmable by outside signal sources.

The WHO is Going Rogue

So, what do we say to the WHO?

We say, ‘Screw you. WHO. Don’t Cull Us, We’ll Cull You!

The Screw You WHO Counter Protocols

  • Mobilization of mass resistance and political engagement at all levels.
  • Multi-vector litigation in all available legal venues and jurisdictions.
  • Information insurrection across multiple communication channels and platforms.

For more on what you can do:

Don’t underestimate the power of your influence We all need to do what we can to #StoptheWHO

Dr Tess Lawrie, MBBCh, PhD​

The World Health Organisation has blood on its hands. Utterly compromised by private interests, it is directly implicated in the greatest crime against humanity this world has ever seen. At best, you could describe it as parlous mismanagement of a global pandemic, but I would argue that continually promoting experimental gene therapies even as the adverse events racked up on its own reporting system goes rather beyond mismanagement.

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