Solartopia or Fukushima, USA – California’s Choice

The ‘Bellwether Sunshine State’ At the Crossroads
With one of its last two remaining nuclear plants now shutdown, and one more under growing public and legal pressure to follow soon, California now has the opportunity to once again take the lead in the inevitable global transition to renewable energy. The alternative is to risk following Japan into nuclear energy catastrophe brinksmanship.

That was the urgent and empowering take-home message of a community meeting held May 9, 2015 in Malibu, CA, just north of Los Angeles. The meeting was sponsored by the Malibu Democratic Club, and emceed by Solartopia author Harvey Wasserman – whose declared life purpose is to shutdown America’s fleet of aging nuclear power plants, and foster the switch to renewable energy.

Organized by Club President Ann Doneen, and event planner Myla Reson, the well-attended meeting featured presentations by several speakers on the very real risks posed to Malibu by the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant, located on the California coast north of Malibu on 13 intersecting earthquake faults, in a tsunami zone, and run by PG&E, a utility facing multiple indictments for safety violations. Conference participants learned about the similarities between the situation at Diablo Canyon and Japan’s on-going Fukushima nuclear disaster. They also learned about California’s unsafe nuclear waste storage canisters, which are much worse than Japan’s dry storage casks.

AND they learned about the very real opportunity California has to lead the way into what Wasserman sees as the potential Solartopian future.

Here are some key video excerpts from the event.

Artist and activist Tom English opened the program with a performance of a song he co-wrote with Myla Reson, ‘What Part of Fukushima Do You Not Understand?’

Keynote speaker Harvey Wasserman, author of Solartopia, laid out the dual focus of the conference: How to shutdown Diablo Canyon and make California a leader in the coming inevitable transition to a solar economy.

Linda Seeley of Mothers For Peace reported on the organization’s 4 decades of persistent fighting to shutdown Diablo. If the I Ching is right, and ‘Persistence Furthers,’ Diablo is doomed.

Donna Gilmore, founder of, covered the risks and best available options for storing high-level radioactive waste on-site in corrosive seaside environments, in tsunami and earthquake zones, like those of San Onofre and Diablo Canyon.

Organic winery owner Paul Frey presented documented evidence of the catastrophic damage to California’s agriculture industry, population and environment that would be caused by a nuclear accident at Diablo Canyon.

Richard Mathews, a candidate for the state senate, reported on his campaign to pass legislation mandating the cleanup of the radioactive contamination that still remains in the environment from the 1959 nuclear partial reactor meltdown at Santa Susana near the Simi Valley.

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