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Clips from an Activist Life Founder/Director,the late Barbara George, reinvented herself many times in the course of an engaged & active life.

The video below was shown at her recent memorial. It covers some high points. [ Video of the memorial is forthcoming. ]

Fashion model, comedienne, performance artist, nuclear free campaigner and fierce advocate of clean, renewable, energy sources, and community choice aggregation (CCAs), she concluded her full career as a skilled and effective Intervener at California’s Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) working on behalf of energy efficiency, conservation and renewables.

Her presence will be sorely missed, but the work for a carbon free, nuclear free, democratic future to which she dedicated her life will continue….

Mary Beth Brangan James Heddle
An EON Production for Women’s Energy Matters

On Vimeo:

BARBARA GEORGE – A Woman Whose Energy Mattered from EON-Ecological Options Network on Vimeo.

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