Debunking ‘Invasion Biology’

A slide from David Theodoropoulos’ powerpoint.

What Part of the Word ‘Monsanto’ Don’t You Understand? What’s the connection between the “native plants restoration movement” and the pesticide industry? Who is behind the deforestation and pesticiding of the East Bay Hills, killing over 486,000 trees from Richmond to Hayward, and doing the same to San Francisco’s beautifully forested Mt. Sutro? Who benefits from a war on ‘non-native’ species? In this edition San Francisco Bay Area residents explore these questions with evolutionary biologist David Theodoropoulos in a public forum co-sponsored by and the Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists – David Theodoropoulos debunks the pseudoscience – and reveals the corporate agenda – driving the “native plants restoration movement”. He is the author of Invasion Biology: Critique of a Pseudoscience Published by Avvar Books, Blythe, California. ISBN 0-9708504-1-7 For facts, photos, and analysis of wildfire, tree decimation, pesticide issues, and who pulls the strings of the “native plant restoration movement,” visit the following websites: Pt. 1 – INVASION BIOLOGY OR INTEGRATION BIOLOGY? Introduction with Maxina Ventura, East Bay Pesticide Alert, Madeline Hovland, Rupa Bose, Pt. 2-A – INVASION BIOLOGY OR INTEGRATION BIOLOGY? This is the First Half of David Theodoropoulos’ Presentation Pt. 2-B – INVASION BIOLOGY OR INTEGRATION BIOLOGY? The second half of David Theodoropoulos’ presentation. Pt. 3 – INVASION BIOLOGY OR INTEGRATION BIOLOGY? Closing remarks with Maxina Ventura, East Bay Pesticide Alert, Connie Barker, Environmental Health Network, Steve Jacobson, Marg Hall, Communities United in Defense of Olmstead, Discussion with David Theodoropoulos, ======= To help keep EON’s work going, please check out all the support options on our Donation Page or you can also send a check made out to EON to EON, POB 1047, Bolinas, CA Or…just:
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