Raising Nuclear Awareness, Envisioning a Clean Energy Future

On August 12, 2014 Cultural Potholes Institute and the EON – the Ecological Options Network teamed up to present an upbeat program on challenges and opportunities to a standing-room-only audience in Pt. Reyes, California. Co-Founders Paul Reffell & Donna Sheehan

Mary Beth Brangan, EON Co-Director

James Heddle, EON Co-Director

In the video segment below – MC-ed by Jim Heddle – author Cecile Pineda introduces main speaker Harvey Wasserman, who lays out his assessment of nuclear dangers and his vision of solar possibilities.

Cecile Pineda, Author – Devil’s Tango – @DevilsTango

Harvey Wasserman,,

John Bertucci, Co-Founder Fukushima Response Campaign (L)
Dan Sythe, CEO International Medcom (R)

In up-coming segments John Bertucci and Dan Sythe talk about citizen-based strategies for monitoring on-going Fukushima fallout and Mary Beth Brangan surveys health protection measures people can take to help themselves and their families resist the impact of radiological polution in food, water and air.

If you like EON’s work, you can support it, whatever your budget level, here.

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