Fukushima Fallout Sampling at Historic Bodega Head

The Battle of Bodega Head

According to some historians, the nuclear free movement was born in the successful 1960s grassroots campaign that prevented Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) from building a nuclear power plant directly over the infamous San Andreas earthquake fault at Bodega Head California. A massive excavation was started, which today has become a pond for migrating birds known as the ‘Hole in the Head.’ A reminder of the power of determined, non-violent citizen action. Fukushima Response Campaign’s co-founder John Bertucci tells the inspiring story.

Ocean Sampling Fukushima Radiation
Dr. Ken Buesseler of the Wood Hole Oceanographic Institution and founder of the website OurRadioactiveOcean.org, demonstrates how citizen groups can join his effort to monitor levels of radioactive contamination from the on-going Fukushima nuclear disaster up and down the North American west coast.

The sampling demonstration at Bodega Head, north of San Francisco, was organized by John Bertucci, co-founder of Fukushima Response Campaign, in cooperation with Dan Sythe, CEO of IMI – International Medcom, Inc..

In the absence of monitoring efforts by the pro-nuclear U.S. Government, this citizen-funded grassroots project aims at establishing a base-line of current radiation levels so as to track expected increases in the coming months and years, as Fukushima continues to pour radioactive pollution into the Pacific, and ocean currents continue to transport it westward.
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