International Un-Masking Gates Day is coming – #ExposeBillGates

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Photo: The Last American Vagabond

Injectile Dysfunction?

Poor ol’ Bill. Here he is, selflessly trying to save the world in all of the directions he can whiz, and now here are these crazy conspiracy theorist investigative journalists declaring a global day of exposing his inconvenient truths.

Welcome to Global Gates-Gate Day.

To help celebrate, below is a brief bouquet of relevant and informative links for your delectation and enjoyment…

Derrick Broze Announces #ExposeBillGates Global Day of Action
[Links to the articles and documentaries they’re talking about in this video are listed below.]

This Lombardi diagram from TLAV gives the Big Picture at a glance – the following reports give the alerting details:

Graphic: The Last American Vagabond

From The Last American Vagabond (articles):
Bill Gates’ Web of Dark Money and Influence – Part 1: Philanthropic Narrative Shaping
Bill Gates’ Web of Dark Money and Influence – Part 2: The COVID-19 Operation
Bill Gates’ Web of Dark Money and Influence – Part 3: Health Surveillance, Event 201 and the Rockefeller Connection

From Robert F. Kennedy, Chairman and Dafna Tachover at Childrens Health Defense (article):
The Brave New World of Bill Gates and Big Telecom

From Whitney Webb at Mint Press News (article):
How the Us National Security State Is Using Coronavirus to Fulfill an Orwellian Vision

“Last year a government commission called for the US to adopt an AI-driven mass surveillance system far beyond that used in any other country. Now, many of the “obstacles” cited as preventing its implementation are being removed under the guise of combating coronavirus.”

From Whitney Webb at Last American Vagabond (Article)

Coronavirus Gives a Dangerous Boost to DARPA’s Darkest Agenda

From Jon Rappaport at No More Fake News (article):
COVID vaccine: what else could they put in the shot?
Bill Gates and his stimulus-response empire

Last but certainly not least, this definitive documentary series from the Corbett Report – in case you missed them (videos):
Episode 377 – How Bill Gates Monopolized Global Health
Episode 378 – Bill Gates’ Plan to Vaccinate the World
Episode 379 – Bill Gates and the Population Control Grid
Episode 380 – Meet Bill Gates

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