Moana Nui Counter-APEC Conference Photo Gallery

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These are a few photos (more to come) from EON's coverage of the Moana Nui Counter-APEC Conference held Nov. 9-11 in Honolulu, HA. The event was organized and co-sponsored by the International Forum on Globalization (IFG) and Pua Mohala I Ka Po, Hawai'i, , it was the 'counter-conference' to a simultaneous gathering of 'world leaders' to discuss APEC and the TPP.

Attendees at the Moana Nui anti-APEC Confernece

The Buffoons of APEC/TPP

Never heard of APEC and the TPP? That's the way the 'world leaders' want it, and the Moana Nui counter conference was organized to shine some Hawaiian public sunlight on these secret backroom deals being crafted by 21 countries, the details of which are not to be released publicly for four years.



APEC stands for Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, which bills itself as 'APEC is the premier Asia-Pacific economic forum.' TPP stands for Trans-Pacific Partnership, or the Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement, is a multilateral free trade agreement that aims to further 'liberalise' the economies of the Asia-Pacific region.

Here's how a leaflet entitled 'APEC Sucks' prepared by World Can't Wait HI decodes what it calls 'APEC's Real Agenda:'

"Using 'free trade' as a codeword, APEC proposes policies that give inperialist powers and multinational corporations the 'right' to go into oppressed countries and take out whatever they want, with as few restrictions as possible.
"The positions adopted at the APEC meeting are then taken to the World Trade Organization (WTO), where the APEC economies lobby for trade policies to enforce them.
"APEC, like the IMF, the WTO, and NAFTA, is against the interest of the majority of the people in the Asia-Pacific Region and the Planet."

[ For more, see Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation on Wikipedia here. See Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership on Wikipedia here.

For two information packed days, star-studded panels of authoritative presenters covered the following topics:
Native Rights, Economies, Governance – Resisting Global Powers
Militarization and Resistance in the Pacific
Globalization, Development and Geopolitics
Pacific Resources, Lands, Economies
APEC & TPP: What We Must Know; What Should We do?
You can see the full program roster here, at

The EON video team was there and we will be posting our blog and video reports soon.

Meanwhile, you can access video posts here.

The Moana Nui Conference climaxed with the issuing of a public statement and a well-attended march through Waikiki.

Here are some selected pix:

Jon Osorio, Center for Hawaiian Studies, Pua Mohala I Ka Po addresses the Moana Nui Conference

International Forum on Globalization (IFG) Director Victor Menotti addresses the Moana Nui Conference

Moana Nui Conference Pannel

Artist Mayumi Oda's 'Compassionate Goddess' painting overlooks a session of the Moana Nui Conference

Artist Mayumi Oda's 'Wrathful Goddess" painting, which formed one of the backdrops of the Moana Nui Conference sessions

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