Protecting the Rights of Future Generations

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“…The future of humanity depends on our planet… the future of our planet depends on humanity.”~ Dalai Lama

Making the DNA Connection
In past months the EON Team has focused on nuclear and wireless radiation issues, the legal rights of future generations and election protection. What’s the connection? As we see it at EON, the connection is nothing less than the protection of DNA and the future of life on this planet.

Both nuclear (ionizing) and wireless (non-ionizing) radiation negatively impact DNA, the genetic code for all earth’s life-forms. Though the mechanisms are different, the effects are the same: damaged DNA unable to repair itself. On the individual level that means debility, disease and mutated offspring. On a species-wide scale scientists call it ‘genomic instability.’

Totalitarian Technologies
The technologies and industries that generate radioactive and wireless pollution are so entrenched and powerful that they are essentially totalitarian in their virtual invulnerability to democratic choice, oversight and control.

Institutionalized Vote Rigging
Add to that a corrupted and privatized election system vulnerable to financial and electronic manipulation, and you have a situation in which policies and practices which endanger the present and future of the planet and all its life-forms are out of control.

EON’s Mission
Helping informed citizens to address this challenge is the mission of the Ecological Options Network. Our research, writing and organizing activities and media production efforts have participated with and supported the work of 44 local, national and international organizations, which have in the recent months, successfully:

• Organized informed and effective public push-back on wireless ‘smart’ meter and grid deployment;
• Forced the permanent shutdown of Southern California Edison’s San Onofre nuclear power plant;
• Supported the resurgence of the Nuclear Free California movement with a focus on closing the state’s last operating nuclear plant – PG&E’s Diablo Canyon – and dealing responsibly with tons of radioactive waste sitting in earthquake and tsunami zones;
• Supported the emerging political and legal articulation of the ‘Rights of Future Generations.’ This right is built upon the ‘Rights of Nature’ and the ‘Precautionary Principle.’ Establishing these rights, together with the withdrawal of consent to personhood rights for corporations, gives us the legal foundation at the local level that we need to survive.
• Strengthened a growing national election protection movement.

The 120 video reports and 50 blogs we have posted so far this year show the range of issues we cover. Our YouTube channel now has 2,635 subscribers with views of over 1.5 million and our roster of FaceBook and EonNewsNet Twitter followers have increased significantly.

Please Donate
If you share our fierce caring for the rights of future generations both human and non-human, please contribute what you can to help keep our work going.

Thank you.

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