Democracy in Defense of DNA – EON’s 2017 Report to Supporters

Democracy in Defense of DNA 

Nuclear radiation and wireless electromagnetic pollution attack DNA.
Only informed democratic choice can defend it.
That’s what EON is all about.
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EON’s Mary Beth Brangan testifies against SB 649, a telecom industry take-over bid, in the CA Assembly. Gov. Brown agreed. He later vetoed the bill.

Recently we attended a pot-luck meeting of the Northern Bay Area Fukushima Response team. One of the members asked how to find information about all the important and interlinked nuclear, wireless radiation and election integrity issues. “It’s certainly not being reported on in the major media,” she complained. “This is really needed information.”

We were happy to report to her that our work here at EON, through our blogs, YouTube videos and documentary production, is doing just that.   

We thank all of you who’ve generously given us support and for wanting and acting on the news we share!


EON reports on, supports and participates in three crucial movements of our time:

  • For cell phone and wireless radiation safety
  • For abolishing nuclear power and nuclear weapons and dealing responsibly with their radioactive waste
  • For Election Protection, or Electoral Integrity. Without repairing our corrupted and hijacked voting system, even an informed public can’t establish democratic policies on the other two issues, or on any issue.

EMR, electro-magnetic radiation (non-ionizing) from cell phones, wi-fi, etc.; and ionizing radiation from nuclear pollution can irreversibly damage the DNA of humans and all other living beings.

That’s why we say we work to support ‘democracy in defense of DNA.’

This year, despite Trumpism and overreaching corporate power, there’s been several successes and breakthroughs.  Amazing folks in both the EMR safety and awareness movement and in the anti-nuclear movement achieved wins. 
We’re still on the edge of the precipice with the telecommunications industry push to densify EMR in our neighborhoods and in the push to move lethal radioactive waste onto the beach at San Onofre and onto the highways, railways and waters towards New Mexico.  Not to mention Trump’s nuclear saber rattling against North Korea and Iran.
But, as we end 2017, we want to credit the intense efforts of some of the many people who’ve nevertheless achieved important accomplishments.

On the EMR front:

  • The VETO was signed by Gov. Brown of SB 649, a blatant attempt by the telecommunications industry to subvert state and local control of telecom technology. This bill would have given a rubber stamp for AT&T and Verizon to install powerful microwave emitting antennas every couple of hundred feet along streets on any light pole, telephone pole, etc.  In addition to holding meetings, giving radio interviews, writing articles and testifying in Sacramento, EON partnered with EMFSafetyNetwork and prize-winning cartoonist Brian Narelle to design and produce a postcard that many thousands of people sent to the Governor’s office.  A growing alliance of committed allies throughout the state worked ceaselessly to block this bill.

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    • The PUBLICATION finally was announced by the California Department of Public Health of its report on cell phone health risks, which it had withheld from public view for many years.  Our video report of a protest organized by the California Brain Tumor Association encouraging the Department to release its report received thousands of views. (see below)Dr. Joel Moscovitz was key to the release by suing the Department.  The judge agreed.  For more details:  SaferEMR.comAs of Dec. 17, more than 60 domestic news stories have been published regarding the cell phone radiation safety guidance released by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH). The safety warnings have also received media coverage in 34 foreign countries.  This is a major step forward in raising public consciousness of EMR hazards!

Here is a report on the CDPH release by CBS News

Main points mentioned:
– children should limit cell phone use
– research has shown a link to increased risk of brain cancer, increased headaches, lowered sperm count
– keep the phone at a distance, don’t sleep with it near the bed, or carry it in your pocket
– don’t press the phone next to the head – use speakerphone or headset

On the Nuclear front:

  • PUBLIC DISCLOSURE by CPUC Administrative Judge Dr. Peter Lam that recent discoveries about risks of through-wall cracking in the radioactive waste canisters currently in use at the Diablo Canyon and San Onofre nuclear waste storage sites were not known when the design was approved by the NRC. “I would like to offer a disclosure. Twenty years ago I served as a federal administrative judge sitting on a licensing board [that] approved the dry cask storage system here at Diablo Canyon. At that time the chloride stress induced corrosion cracking was not known to the licensee, PG&E, was not known to the Licensing Board, was not known to Holtec [the manufacturer], so this is an evolving entirely new development.” – Dr. Peter Lam, Member of the Diablo Canyon Independent Safety Committee

Dr. Lam’s disclosure, based on Donna Gilmore’s research,  throws into serious question the validity of the design basis of all planned and existing nuclear waste storage systems in California and elsewhere. We have long been reporting on these risks uncovered by Donna Gilmore of who Dr. Lam credited with raising awareness of this critical fact.  We reposted the video of Dr. Lam’s disclosure to support grassroots demands in both reactor communities for a rethinking of radioactive waste storage at the two seaside sites. Both California nuclear sites, Diablo Canyon and San Onofre, are in tsunami and earthquake zones, just like Fukushima.  Here’s a link to Donna speaking Oct. 17 at the Diablo Independent Safety Committee about the many safety gaps in current plans for storage of the lethal, long-lasting irradiated spent fuel rods.

Mothers for Peace   is working to make Diablo Canyon’s radioactive waste process a model of responsible management. They’re sponsoring a series of special events focusing on this all important waste issue.  The next evening is scheduled for Friday, Jan. 19, 2018.

  • The FUNDAMENTAL LINK  between nuclear weapons and nuclear power is finally being openly admitted.  The civilian nuclear industry has adamantly denied any connection, though it has long been discussed within the military.  However, now the desperate attempts to maintain the nuclear industry is resulting in revealing the connection.  Read The Real Nuclear Triad: Weapons, Power and Waste for in depth analysis.

In addition…

  • We celebrate the 2017 Nobel Peace award given to the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, ICAN. ICAN is the partnership of more than 400 groups in over 100 countries working to draw attention to the catastrophic humanitarian consequences of any use of nuclear weapons. Their efforts to abolish nuclear weapons resulted in 122 countries, the majority of countries in the world, adopting in 2017 the “Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons” that outlaws nuclear weapons development, testing, possession, use, threat of use, transfer and/or providing assistance in any prohibited activity.

So as Trump threatens nuclear war, the majority of the countries in the world stand strong against any aspect of nuclear weapons.  We’re grateful for the hard work of our Bay area allies, Tri-Valley CARES and Western States Legal Foundation in making this happen.  Below is our EON video of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki commemoration and protest at the Lawrence Livermore Nuclear Labs this year, which we circulated to public cable stations.  This year the short talks were particularly passionate and articulated the viewpoints of those who have been or might be victims of U.S. nuclear weapons.

On the Election Protection front:

Breakdowns & Breakthroughs – Given the undeniable dysfunctionality of the US electoral system, the investigative analysis and expose’ of the many ways it has been corrupted has to be seen as a breakthrough on the part of the grassroots Election Protection movement.

The year began with publication by of Mind Fogged in the Nuclear Anthropocene   ,a report on our observations while covering the 2016 election from Columbus, Ohio, (as we have every presidential election since 2004) where a strong local election protection movement is led by the work of our friends and colleagues Suzanne Patzer, Harvey Wasserman and Bob Fitrakis at the Columbus Institute for Contemporary Journalism, or CICJ.

Despite the current media obsession with ‘RussiaGate,’ its clear that – whatever effect (if any) alleged ‘Russian interference’ is ultimately found to have been on the 2016 election’s outcome – it is bound to be inconsequential compared to the widespread corruption caused by the combined systemic effects of:

  • Massive computer-assisted voter suppression of minorities and third parties
  • Computer-assisted gerrymandering of voting districts
  • Disenfranchising ‘voter ID laws’ in many states
  • Electronic vote fraud by privately owned ‘black box’ machines
  • Unlimited ‘dark money’ campaign funding by corporations and billionaires
  • ‘Adjusted’ exit polls altered to match fraudulent vote counts
  • An Electoral College designed to override the popular vote

Our video coverage of this year’s national Election Protection Conference helped spread the word of movement activists’ investigative findings and solution proposals.

Laws of Statistics Suspended? Only in US Elections – Bob Fitrakis


Describing US Electoral Reality As We See It – Jonathan Simon

What Exit Polls Show About US Elections – Peter Peckarsky

SHUTDOWN Moves Toward Completion

We are closing in on completion of Shutdown: The Case of San Onofre, the first three one-hour episodes of our six part documentary series, SHUTDOWN: The California – Fukushima Connection.

Please check out our evolving website.

Our Popular Video Channel

This year we added 24 new video posts to EON’s YouTube Channel documenting the movements we serve. We now have 6,652 subscribers and millions of views. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel if you haven’t already.














Jim’s article, The Real Nuclear Triad, Weapons, Power and Waste , cross-posted on Counterpunch, ReaderSupportedNews and provides more fascinating info and the all important fact of nuclear weapons link to nuclear power use.

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